FLCuSn03RY-A 0,13mm (7x0,158mm) red (NPS a 15.000m)

Item number: 611003060-15000m

0,09 €
per 1 Meter
0,09 € per 1 m

including19% VAT., no shipping costs

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Shipping time: 47 - 49 workdays

According ISO6722 and LV112
Origin EU

Category: FLCuSn03RY-A 0,13mm

Copper surcharge 0,13mm

The cable will be displayed on copper basis 0. The copper value has to be added separately.
The copper price is constantly changing because of the stock exchange.

Please note to set the checkbox activ to avoid errors.

Additional information for calculating copper you will find here.

Copper surcharge 0,13mm
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Contents:1,00 m

Copper price

The prices in the webshop are all inclusive copper (full copper) and incl. 19% VAT.

If a different copper base is calculated, a copper surcharge must be added or subtracted.

Copper weight [kg/km] x ((medium DEL [€/100kg] + 1% subscription cost)- copper base [€/100kg]) / 100 = copper surcharge [€/km]


Cable FLY 0,50mm
Copper weight 4,80kg/km
DEL 555€/100kg
Copper base 150,00€/100kg

Example calculation

4,80 [kg/km] x ((555 [€/100kg] + (555/100 [€/100kg]) - 150,00 [€/100kg]) / 100 = 25,20 €/km

Explanations of Terms

Copper weight (LZ)
The copper number represents the calculated weight of a line and has the unit kg/km.

DEL stands for German electrolytic copper for conducting purposes and is the stock exchange listing for 99.5% pure copper according to Cu-ETP1 DIN EN 13602.

Copper base
The copper base is a fixed quantity of copper in cables for a better price comparison.